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AGUSRIYA Store - Palm Springs Golf Visa 460cc Men's Right Hand 10.5-Degrees Titanium Driver (Regular)

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4Inexpensive driver
By jaxx_walk
I titled this review "Inexpensive driver" because that's what it is. It's not cheap it's low priced with good quality. I bought it mainly because my drivers suck and I don't golf enough to justify spending high dollar on a driver. I only give it 4 stars because I haven't used it enough to see how long it last. However, I've been to the range a few times now, hit a couple 100 balls and played 18 this week and it performed great. Hell if it breaks soon, I'm good, I can buy lots more before I reach the cost of the driver I almost bought. Yes, it added to my game, but only by 10 to 15. This may not seem like much but I suck and I haven't even got used to this stick. BTW: keep in mind drivers last longer when you don't hit the ground short of your tee ;) thanks I look forward to my next purchase.

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4For the budget minded high handicapper
By Rich
Lets start off by saying I love golf! It is frustrating, rewarding, agonizing and fun.......and if you let it be, it can be quite expensive. I only play a few times a month with friends that are as skilled (or lack there-of) as I am, so I have a hard time justifying paying several hundred dollars for a club....any club. Granted, the driver should be your most expensive weapon, but even so, I have used several brand name (and very expensive) drivers, and to be truthful, at my level of play, I see very little difference between them and the Palm Springs Visa driver. I can hit it as straight as I can, it hasn't broken in two (yet), and I even have gotten some very nice complements on its looks. Maybe, at some point in the future, I can truthfully say I need a better driver, but until that day comes, this one will do nicely!

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4Good to Go
By Eric
I am a beginning golfer, but have been practicing a lot and finally decided to go out on the range. I just got this driver and I must say I am not a bad as I thought. I used it one day after I got it and aside from two errand shots, the balls I hit were straight and true. I recommend this club for anyone starting out.

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Product Description

Titanium Matrix with a USGA maximum oversized 460cc head and a 10.5° loft. A rear preconfigured weight to lower the center of gravity delivering higher ball flight. A high Moment Of Inertia offers more reliable, longer and straighter drives more consistently. Fitted with a high modulus graphite shaft. Matching headcover included. Right hand. Brand New.

Product Details

  • Brand: Palm Springs Golf
  • Model: MRS101
  • Released on: 2011-08-12


  • Titanium Construction
  • 460cc USGA Maximum
  • Matching longneck headcover included FREE!
  • MRH Regular Flex
  • 10.5 degree loft

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